Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Growing some peonies

The warmer weather has brought lots of gardening jobs.
Spring brings renewed life & the promise of blossoming flowers after a long Winter.

Olive, my late mother in law, had been a Londoner born & bred before she moved to rural Dorset;  she brought some reminders of her home with her - handmade linens, china, silver cutlery, furniture & a beautiful red peony as a constant reminder of her childhood garden.

This plant & its offshoots, moved around with her & she was always pleased to see its Spring growth emerge after long Winters. If the winter had been mild, Olive used to put some ice cubes on her peony to make it grow & flower better ....

I now have some of the corms from this plant & have brought it back to Shropshire with me.  The corms were just bare roots when we brought them back a month ago & they are now showing great progress.

I separated them in to several pots to increase their success rate & buds are now showing that they have all taken & are growing well. 

With little experience of growing peonies, I browsed a local nursery & found this tree peony which I thought might be a good addition to the old one.

 The sleeve had an image of both white & on the reverse pink peonies so I will have to wait & see which this one is ... 

These two peonies were in tiny pots & they look promising too - I think they are both shades of pink but that is all I know of them as they came from plants in a local 'budget shop'.  I thought I would give them a try seen as they were cheap & cheerful ...

Promising buds on these plants too ...

I love peonies in vases & am looking forward to having some to pick - hopefully soon.

If anyone has some growing advice, please share it with me as this is my first venture in to peony growing ...

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Dee ~♥~


  1. Wow!That's great, I would love having some of them here, although our weather is not the best for those flowers. Congratulations!!!

    Marina from Spain

    1. Hi Marina - I hope they will soon have lots of blooms - you have such beautiful other flowers in Spain.


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