Saturday, 7 May 2016

Adding to my wooden board collection ....

Hi everyone

I hope you are enjoying Spring or Autumn, depending where you are reading this from.

While down in Dorset this past weekend, I headed out to the market to browse while enjoying the sunshine & atmosphere with Ms M.

As soon as I spied one of my favourite local craftsmen, I just knew that I would be adding to my wooden board collection which are often used for food presentation in our kitchen as they photograph well

He sources trees, some from farmers fields, and then makes them in to the most stunning items.

My regular readers will have seen my special boards already - made from a large fallen Dorset oak tree.

I bought some for the Wondering Star daughter for their lovely Jewellery Quarter apartment in Birmingham.

This blog post of hers contains images of their board which was cut from the same tree as ours ....

We use the boards at home because they are especially useful  & beautiful for snacks ...

We used the boards at Christmas for cheese & biscuits ...

Snacks with wine while we prepare supper with friends ...

My new addition is a lovely chunk of wood made into a shallow bowl ... 

The surface is silky & smooth with beautiful feel & look, the one side still hints at its raw state even though it is smooth, there is just a suggestion of tree bark  with a knot bump visible ...

It is slightly lighter than my others (having not come from the same tree) but its colour will deepen over time, especially when it is oiled like my others.

The bowls are a tribute to the tree once it is gone. These boards & bowls are made by someone who is passionate about his craft, who breathes life in to wood.

There is something intrinsically beautiful about solid wood & I like how it keeps a home 'grounded' in natural items. 

I can't wait to use my new item for a selection of nibbles - watch this space! 

Have a lovely weekend & support your local craftsmen & thank you for stopping by, 
Dee ~♥~

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