Sunday, 15 May 2016

Supporting granny chic doilies ....

Warmer weather means jugs of iced water or drinks to hand but there is nothing worse than finding a bug in the jug ...

My regular visitors will recognise my granny chic doilies.

I know - so many have said that there is nothing chic about doilies but they serve a valuable purpose and with no modern equivalents, they are always kept handy for summer drinks.

These were my Grandmother's ones - possibly made by her or my great grandmother & they are just perfect. I love the pretty coloured beads on the edge. I think back to the time when these were all handmade by women sitting in parlours, making special things for their homes.

My collection has come from my mother, grandmother & from my mother in law.  The heavily beaded green, yellow & blue ones are from South Africa where they are widely used in the Summer months on juice or milk jugs.

I will be using them all summer now & who knows,  I might even convert some others to their essential use & purpose. Are there any modern versions for jugs of juice?

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