Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Quick little pancake recipe

Hi everyone

I had a request to share the pancake recipe from the festive ones I made ...

It is a recipe I use often  because everyone has these 3 ingredients at home. To make it even quicker, I just use a hand whisk & a large mixing bowl

1 cup self raising flour
5/8 cup milk (sometimes I add a dash of cream to make it special)
1 egg 

It is my mothers old recipe & that accounts for the 5/8 cup of milk but it is a recipe that works.

You want the batter to not be too stiff but more of a droppable consistency, add a bit more milk if it needs it.

I do not add sugar to the recipe at all because it is often eaten with fruit & a drizzle of maple syrup.

For my festive pancakes, I added dried cranberries (left over from baking) and a small handful of cooking ‘fiery ginger’ strips which really gave it a lovely taste. I let them sit in the batter for about 5 minutes for the cranberries to plump up again & dotted a few extra on the top side just before I flipped them over - really good.

I add spoonfuls to a warm, not hot non stick pan (with a little butter for flavour) and when it is all bubbly on top, I add any fruit to the top (blueberries are a favourite) then flip them over & cook till done (only another minute or so)

Serve warm with yoghurt, ice-cream, fruit of your choice & maple syrup or chocolate sauce even.

Enjoy - they take a few minutes to mix & cook & so are perfect for a quick breakfast. Some inspiration for serving your pancakes ...

We do sometimes do it with fruit, bacon & maple syrup

Can you ever have too much fruit or too much cinnamon?

Our cranberry & ginger pancakes ...

Please leave a message if you make them & tell me how you served them & I hope they will become your stand by ones too.
Dee ~💕~

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