Sunday, 16 December 2018

The third Advent Sunday is here

Hi everyone

I cannot believe that it is the third Sunday of Advent today, one more then it is Christmas.

Few people follow strict observances these days but it is nice to just pause & remember the reason for  Christmas. I describe myself as spiritual & quietly religious. I love how the observances punctuate the year & they just help to stay grounded, to pause & keep life real.

In these commercial times, it is hard to just opt out of all the madness of mass spending & pressure.

 However, find some  time to just take in the spiritualness of the season & be at peace with life. I bought this German church some years back because I really loved it ...

This is a view of the Prussian church in the town my ancestors lived 150 years ago; it is so similar to the one I use at Christmas - perhaps our roots run through our subconscious ...

May your day be filled with blessings & peace amid the rush of getting ready, thank you for taking time to stop by & to support my blog ...
Dee ~💕~

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