Sunday, 17 December 2017

The third Advent Sunday is upon us ...

I describe myself as quietly spiritual & religious -  I still observe the traditions of my childhood & they punctuate the seasons in a familiar & comfortable way!

Our home reflects Christmas as both a religious & normal celebration.

I love this corner of our home - my grandfather clock reminds me constantly of the passing of time (I love the hourly chimes more than everyone else at home ...).

The cardinal painting was inherited (I am the only one who liked it ...)

The Ethiopian crosses were all personally collected over the many visits to Ethiopia when we visited due to work over more than 5 years. They each hold a memory of the remarkable Coptic Christians there.

We have had these fabric East of India advent holders for many years - they are always filled & they go out to the girls homes ahead of the start of December. This tradition was started by my late Mother when A wondering Star was a baby & I have always continued it.

Their advent calendar went to their lovely Oxfordshire cottage ready for the festive season

Today, the third Sunday of Advent marks the passing of a beloved Grandmother a quarter of a century ago - I marked it with my large metal angel in the fireplace (I have put some led lights on it to lighten the darkness). My late Mom was a Christmas baby so the festive season is always reflective for me ...

We have also always had an advent candle in my youth & in my own home. I love to light it when I am cooking or while eating - it is just a calming reminder that Christmas is coming ....

I bought this German church some years back & I love it with its little lights twinkling ...

Our large inglenook fireplace always has its large garland with lights on. It is also a good place to display cards as they arrive ...

I will show you more of our dining room this week - it just has touches of Christmas - the little tree there has our beaded & hand painted South African decorations (newly gifted by the girls after a visit to their grandfather)

My Christmas sideboard / dresser is ready too - we use things straight from the shelves so I  love having them handy & because they are pretty too 

Our front door has its garland at last, The snow disrupted my usual gifted one but I have bought a fresh hanging bunch to adorn the door ...

I like to think that we have the balance between the religious & commercial parts of Christmas. May your third Sunday of Advent be blessed & peaceful.  Thank you for stopping by at such a busy time, 

Dee ~♥~

Ps for Jaybird - this is the lovely advent wreath of my Austrian friend - she lights the candles during each week too & I think it is a beautiful symbol that I might adopt in future x


  1. I like your decorations especially the luminous angel

    1. Oh thank you very much Jocelyn - I hope your festive plans are going well?

  2. We lit our pink candle of joy on Sunday....I love the advent candles and keep them lit off and on all week. Next Sunday we can light the 4th candle in our church service on Sunday morning and the Christ candle during the evening service. It will be beautiful. I had a smile over the clock...we have a regulator clock in our hallway, and I LOVE to hear it in the night. One time my littlest grandgirl (she was about 4) said "Grandmommie, why does YOUR clock say 'boing....boing....boing', ours don't say anything". Since they are a more modern family with battery/electric clocks, she just thought she would ask :^)
    Blessings to you,

    1. An Austrian friend has her lovely advent candles that she lights each week & burns in the week - it is a beautiful reminder - I will add a picture of it above. I had a good chuckle at your clock story - I'm sure she will come to find the sound quite comforting. Enjoy your last Sunday as it leads to Christmas.
      Blessings to you all x


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