Thursday, 21 December 2017

Happy Winter Solstice - the light returns ...

I am a look at the sunrise / sunset / moon / rain type of person - I love the way we interact with nature & events & how their rhythm punctuates our life.

Today marks our astrological event of the Winter Solstice - our shortest day & the start of our winter in the northern hemisphere.  It is a pagan holiday that coincides with our festive season & it includes many familiar observances of yule logs, mistletoe, evergreen trees,  holly & ivy as symbols of everlasting life to Druids.

This is how I have observed it at home in 2011,  in 2012in 2013, in 2014

Our nights have drawn in & the darkness is very evident  as our sun will rise at 8: 03 & set at 15:53 - 7 hours & 50 minutes on daylight only.

Many cultures celebrate the Winter Solstice in various ways.  Many use the winter solstice to reconnect & reflect as the season darkens & changes. Our tree glows warmly in the darkness.

I think this is what I will be doing again this winter solstice:

Fire releasing day

Everyone writes a note on what wish they would like to release & then everyone gathers around a fire & throws their paper on to burn 'release' their wish, while participating in quiet reflection & gratitude.

We all wrote something we would like to change & on the reverse, something we wished for & then gathered around the chimnea to release our wishes  before joining together to eat .... 

However you choose to observe the solstice, consciously or otherwise, know that the rhythm of life continues & you are an important part of it.  It is a good time to just reconnect with nature, to just breath & step back from the commercialism of the holiday season, to reflect on what is really important.  Light a candle, or a few to ward off the darkness of the Winter Solstice & reflect ...

May you feel the warmth of the light of the Winter Solstice, take a moment to just breath & enjoy the silence of the darkness.

Be blessed friends, thank you for your company at this busy time of the year,
Dee ~♥~


  1. I love your idea! We will sit by a nice fire tonight, with our Christmas lights twinkling nearby. It won't be terribly cold, but the fire will feel nice all the same! The Princess Posie cat loves to sit on my lap in front of the fireplace :)
    I will be off the computer for a couple of weeks, so let me tell you now...Merry Christmas and may you have a blessed new year!

    1. Hi Jaybird - your cat sounds like she has trained you all well to make her comfortable! A fire is always inviting & thoughtful. I wish you & yours a very blessed Christmas & New Year. Thank you for your support!


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