Sunday, 31 December 2017

Hello 2018

I always seem to be more reflective when faced with the brand new slate of another year.

What possibilities will it bring?
Which new chapters will open?
Who will we gain & who will we lose?
Which friends will remain steadfast in their support?
Which challenges will we face & will we be up to them?

I am an optimist; a glass half full type of person so I have already decided that 2018 will be amazing. I love looking at beautiful images, of living with things & people who bring out the best in me.

I wish for all of you that 2018 brings many blessings & that you will be bold & brave enough to face whatever challenges it brings too.

Think of the concept of T I M E as the New Year draws near.

From my home to yours, I send you blessings for everything you wish for yourself!

Thank you for your company & for spending time reading & commenting on my blog - I appreciate each & every visit & comment!
Dee ~💕~

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