Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Our Christmas tree is up ....

Hi everyone

Sunday marked the first Sunday of Advent & with a very busy time ahead, I decided our tree should go up at home.

Our tree is usually very traditional with red & gold which shimmers.
This is some of our previous trees -

a simple fresh one


Be there completely at Christmas 

Oh deer, the tree is done



I did the advent calendars on Friday to deliver to the girls - somehow it always feels like the start of the festive season when our fabric East of India ones are filled & up. It is a tradition I like at home.

However, last year my mind turned to tartan heather colours which we have in our Dining-room. I bought some decorations, put them away safely & could not find them at all in the garage. I am sure you know the feeling only too well when you put something away so safely you cannot find it.

I stumbled across that elusive box in the summer & just knew that those would be the colours this year.  On my outings, I have added some inexpensive baubles & decorations in those colours - such fun finding something a bit different for our tree.

Pretty sparkly butterflies ...

Our tree always has some deer & this year is no different, even if they are brighter colours with curly antlers ...

This is the colour palette that I really love ...

I even found a bright angel in one of the boxes in our loft - she looks lovely ... 

How lovely does this look with the lights on? I love the colours as they glisten at night ...

The advent candle will burn every night too as we count down to Christmas. 

I love watching the candle burning each night as we prepare food & settle together. 

I hope your week is blessed too; thank you for your visit - it is always appreciated! 
Dee ~♥~


  1. Beautiful!!! I want to decorate the house this afternoon, I will show you soon

    Hugs from Spain Dee


    1. Oh Marina - I can't wait to see your tree - it is always so exciting to see them going up & how beautiful & different they are! Hugs x

  2. Oh my, that is beautiful and you are so far ahead of me!!! Last week I did the big advent arrangement at the church, so while I was working on it, I did a small wreath for the house. I have the tree in the garage, and boxes strung from one end of the house to the other......alas, not enough hours in the day. Our first Christmas gathering is the 15th, so I had better get myself in gear!!!
    Thank your for sending the lovely pictures to inspire me, and YES, I can identify with putting things away never to again be seen!!!!! argh.......
    Blessings to you,

    1. Oh Jaybird, we do not have enough time to get everything done. This year, I seem to be chasing my tail, my Xmas sideboard is not done yet ... I love churches at Christmas with all the traditions & history - well done for your part in keeping it special. Those boxes need to be brought in gal - get yours up & then enjoy family time.
      Blessings to you & yours too x


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