Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Pantone's Color of the Year 2018 - ultra violet

Pantone's colour of the year always has us surprised or mortified -  they have recently announced that the colour for 2018 is .....

Ultra violet

Shock, horror - flashbacks to the old family home that had a purple bedroom that provided hours of heartless fun for us all - with its seventies wallpaper, purple carpet & curtains which all competed in a riot of colour!

However, the more I looked at ultra violet, the more I realised that I was ahead of the trend already ...

Just recently, I had changed our accent colour at home to what I called 'lavender' - ultra violet tones!

Our dining room has purple - heather tones - pure wool tartan curtains that influenced my decision to adopt 'lavender' tones in the living room.

So perhaps the way forward for ultra violet is to turn our sights north & bring in some more of the amazingly beautiful 'heather' tartan colours?

These colours were again shown as I am transitioned to wintery colours at home with framed fabric in the perfect colour (and I rather like deer & the armorial look of it) 

This is how our dining room looks this winter - heather hued tartan curtains, purple (or should that be ultra violet) table cloth & picture ....

How to do ultra violet in small measures  ...

Little touches against colours you already have - like I did in our living room with touches of lavender  to bring about a change you can live with.

Add it in a bold accent - like a painting, throws or even cushions, use shades of it for interest

Shades of the colour will soften the look

Think about the beautiful purple colours in orchids, thistles that we all love so much & bring the colour in through flowers & texture.

Lavender is the perfect colour - real or faux 

Shades & texture is good in fabrics

I love the heather hues in clothing too - my colours are summer colours in this palette 

These are  the colours that I love & that love me ...

So perhaps I will embrace ultra violet. Will you or have you already? Thanks for the visit & for taking the time to read & comment.
Dee ~♥~

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