Saturday, 23 December 2017

Cinnamon & nutmeg cakes ....

You might have seen these little cakes in their IKEA baklad silicon baking moulds in our baking with the lads post. I thought I should share the recipe in case anyone wants to try it too.

I took a photo of the recipe that was alongside the cake moulds in our IKEA -  when it came to making them we were surprised that some of the measurements were in ml instead of g but we followed it as seen.

They took about 25 minutes to bake ... 

Once they were baked, they turned out quite easily which was a relief ...

Don't they look sweet? 

The little moulds will be used again - I am glad that I bought two sets (each containing one of each animal) because the recipe filled all 4. It was a lovely evening with an interesting new recipe. The spices are just right for the festive season. I hope you have enjoyed our baking time. Thank you for stopping by & spending time here at your busy time. 

Dee ~♥~

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