Friday, 20 May 2016

Transforming a vintage suitcase for stationery ...

I love my job working with Elective Home education students but I love my Friday off so that I can relax, clear the mind of all the paperwork & details & just enjoy doing the things I love.

I recently found this vintage suitcase which was small & in good condition except the inside which was dated with paper lining & a name in the top which was definitely past its best.  However, I needed a stationery suitcase so this was always going to be used.

I admit to being a bit of a hoarder & knew that I had the perfect paper to reline the inside.

This paper with script writing & colour change which looked quite aged was in fact the paper from inside an Urban Outfitters box that had contained some shoes. I had rolled it up & added it to my paper stack a while ago because it was thin with an 'aged look. ' I knew it would go perfectly to line the case.

I had everything I needed, including some lovely sunshine in the conservatory so I got out my pot of trusty Mod Podge & a pack of very useful Ikea brushes. The glue was slightly thick so I watered it down just a little to brushing consistency.

A rough size measure for the base of the suitcase & another for the top section convinced me that my two pieces of paper would suffice.

I first lightly glued in the original lining where it had come away to give a firm surface.

Next I cut the paper to a workable size, the edge had a cut in to make them fold smoother.

Mod Podge was brushed over the surface in light, even strokes then I lined up the paper & eased it on to the glue. It is not easy to move it so best to take your time to line it up.

I did the bases then I cut strips to overlap for the sides & glued those in.

I dried the glue with a hair drier till it was no longer damp, made a cup of tea then brushed some more Mod Podge over the top to seal the surface then dried it again.

I am very pleased with the result & I know exactly what it will be used for. I have some lovely coloured pencils & stationery that needs to be kept in one place so I use it more often - this scripted case looks just lovely now ...

It is also the exact size to hold coloured crayon boxes as well as the thin brushes needed for water colour pencils which I used with a vintage glass salt holder ...

Useful & beautiful - what more can you ask from an afternoon well spent.

Thanks for stopping by, what projects are you working on?

Dee ~♥~


  1. Wow Dee! What a Wonderful work! I love recycling old items too. Hace a great Weekend!

    1. Thank you Marina - always too kind. Have a lovely weekend too in sunny Spain ...

  2. Hmmm I can't WAIT to get there and see you at work. You please need stuff lined up to do :) <3

    1. Indeed - we will do come projects together. I can't wait for your visit - pack lightly as you will want to take stuff back :) xx

    2. packing 1 pair black longs 2 pairs navy and black 3/4's 3 - 4 tops an two light weight jackets. 2 pairs sandals, one pair walking shoes. too much?? please advise. oh, 7 knickers an 3 or 4 bras ?? lol

    3. That sounds good - a long sleeve shirt or top which can layer over the others & under the k=jacket & you are sorted. Not long now x


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