Thursday, 8 November 2012

I love to hate my Christmas Cactus

Do you have a flower that you have a love-hate relationship with?

Mine has to be the Christmas cactus that is horribly untidy & unruly or perhaps it is just mine that is so.

They were potted on by my mother-in-law & they just keep growing abundantly & now cover several pots about the house, looking untidy for much of the year, till the weather warms up in late Spring & I gladly take them outside & tuck them under a shrub for months on end ....

They are potted in terracotta pots so they fit in outside under the shrubs then sometime in Autumn when I am clearing the leaves & getting the garden ready for cooler weather, I remember them & bring them back inside & find pots of kind to hold them (& their water because terracotta is porous).

If you read a plant care website on Christmas Cacti, they give a long list of special instructions Care-for-a-Christmas-Cactus but mine seem to thrive on the neglect I inflict on them with no special care or attention ....

The shock of coming in from the cold - literally - seems to bring them to life in no time & they flower ...

This year has been no different except they have started to flower abundantly & early - a reminder that they really can be beautiful & so I sigh & am thankful for the colour when little else looks cheerful!

Perhaps they are prettier than I give them credit for, perhaps I should learn to love them a little more ....

Thank you for stopping by, I always love to read your comments & return the visit ...

Dee ~♥~


  1. I love those flowers! they are so, so, so pretty!!

    1. They are very pretty ... when they flower! Perhaps I should trim them or something to keep them compact .... xx


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