Friday, 23 November 2012

Repotting the Orchids

Some years back, youngest daughter,  StacySparkle decided to buy an orchid for her bedroom. She was taken in by its beauty & having not really been a plant type of person before, I did not expect it to thrive.

After a while, the plant did not look too happy so it appeared in my bedroom & I put it on the west facing windowsill where it has thrived for the last 3 years. 

It has just muddled along with no special care & I have not really done much to it, I did not cut off the flowering stem & it did not die back so I just let it be. 

I recently looked at it again & was surprised to see that where it had flowered it was forming new leaves & roots.  A quick read showed that a new plant had formed so it was time to take some action. 

However, one thing I found out about orchids is that they need special care; special compost; see through pots to keep an eye on the roots so it was off to the garden centre. 

While I was potting it all up, I thought it just as well to repot the new purple one because its roots were too large for the pot & my friend dropped hers off too for repotting. 

Her yellow one looks well but ... her other one was shrivelled (they do need water from time to time ...) and I doubt it will recover. 

But - all done for now - watered with rain water from the water butt (I know, I am trying my best) and then *fingers crossed* they will survive their repotting. 

Do you grow orchids & what tips do you have for me? 

Thanks for stopping by, your comments are always appreciated. 
Dee ~♥~


  1. I wish I knew more about orchids! Those are beautiful!! K XX

  2. My mother grows orchids and it seems that they do best in bright light but not direct sunlight. They're really beautiful flowers and I always enjoy looking at them.


    1. Thanks for that Kim - that seems to be my experience & I am envious of how well some people grow them! Your mother seems to be one such person. Thanks for stopping by again ....


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