Monday, 5 November 2012

Photographing a beautiful wedding ... behind the scenes

My a wondering star daughter has for some time also done some wedding photography besides her fulltime job as a graduate engineer.

She has a keen understanding of the technicalities of her camera & she has very much influenced her sister's StacySparkle style.

Wondering Star knows I have been asked to photograph a friend's daughters wedding in just over a years time, so she invited me to be her 'second camera' at a wedding in the Shire on Friday .

She always has two cameras with her in case one doesn't behave & has two different lenses on them to cover all shots.

She had already met with the Bride so agreed what was wanted in terms of photos, venue, atmosphere etc.

Friday's sunrise was spectacular but some dark clouds loomed on the horizon on a very chilly, 6C morning.

Daughter & I set off early morning for Ironbridge to do the preparatory visit before the wedding. The Bride had said she always wanted an Autumn wedding with those colours & atmosphere so we looked at some spots that were not too muddy but with traditional (uncluttered by people or signs) features.

A beautiful avenue of trees

Hmmm lovely bench but too muddy after all the rain ...

A thick carpet of leaves - don't want wet, mouldy ones ...

Much better ....

The couple also wanted photos taken at Ironbridge - our local landmark so it was important to combine all the photos!

Some wedding bits in a local Ironbridge shop

Then to look at conditions at the actual Ironbridge from both sides.

 An interesting gate with lots of leaves & dry underfoot ...

 I love the greenness of the canopy of leaves ...

Sorted - time to get photographing at the Bride's home

I love table settings so this is some of our photos I collaged ...

 and with a popular vintage feel ...

It was an intense time - the couple were absolutely fantastic; it all went so smoothly & she looked stunningly happy ...

Some of the other photos are on this post - photographing-beautiful-wedding-2  It was a massive relief for me to get back & know I have been an able 'second camera'. I would not want to do wedding photography full time but it was an honor to just be there in the background recording it all,  I feel more confident now about accepting the challenge on my own for a friend ....

What are your experiences of wedding photography / photographs?

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  1. A lovely collection of photo's!!

  2. have no doubt that the wedding photos of the bride and groom and family and friends are fantastic as was the photos taken by our chosen wedding photographer


    1. Pat's photos are naturally fabulous & I was pleased with mine too - I am honoured to be your photographer - it is going to be good to celebrate the special event my friend! xx

  3. hi dee.

    thank you for your kindness and words during this rough spot. i truly appreciate it.

    looking forward to your posts as i am your newest follower!


    1. I follow your blog & your post today just touched me Michele - I faced the same situation with an ill Mom I could not get to. Stay strong with all the prayers ...


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