Saturday, 10 November 2012

Trying my patience ......

I am generous & tolerant by nature & have learnt to tolerate a pair of grey squirrels that have made themselves at home in my garden.

The garden is sheltered by hedges & shrubs which provides the cover needed for a large variety of garden birds. Our small fountain is used for drinking & often has bathing birds in it too & being close to the house, we can enjoy the scene.

Birds bathing in our fountain

 Every year, I 'force' hyacinths into bloom for Christmas colour & fragrance in the home - bulbs chosen weeks before to compliment our colours & then covered, brought into a dark cool spot till they throw out new growth then gradually bring them into the house & warmth to encourage flowering ...

  My house Hyacinths

My hyacinths

 The older bulbs are planted into the garden so they bloom naturally at the right time - providing welcome late Winter colour & the potted ones are tucked under the hedge over Summer to recover while they die back again.

  Pink blooms in my garden ....

I digress - when I went to bring the pots back in from their protected spots under the hedge & shrubs, I was mortified to find that the squirrels have helped themselves to most of my hyacinth bulbs - leaving me with a few nibbled ones in largely empty pots ....

Most of the shops have long since sold out of their hyacinth bulbs so I was resigned to having to buy some in but luckily I found a few creamy white bulbs at a farm shop chain - in the reduced bin so my colour scheme will be creamy white this year (instead of a gorgeous selection of pinks .... )

So the 12 sale bulbs have been potted up & placed in my dark but safe garage for now. They will certainly not bloom for the festive season ....

The head of the bulbs visible as per instructions on the packet ....

And the pair of greedy grey Squirrels ... well, they are still stashing nuts from the feeder all over the lawn, along with my spring bulbs that they are helping themselves to.

Squirrels at home

What suggestions do you have for dealing with the greedy grey creatures?

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