Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Photographing a beautiful wedding ... #2

I joined my wonderingstar daughter to photograph a wonderingweddings last week & shared it  photographing-a-beautiful-wedding-behind-the-scenes in this blog post.

It was interesting & intense but the couple were the nicest ones you could meet & it was a pleasure recording it for them.

I will now share a few of the photos so you can see why that early morning visit was so important to make sure the spot was going to work for them.

They had chosen Ironbridge as their place of choice for photos - immensely popular with local couples because it is a place we all love.

This shows our chosen spots & the photos later ...

That avenue of trees

The gate

Ironbridge with photos in the popular vintage edit

I am pleased that we took the time to visit the venue early morning to make sure that we had the best places confirmed which fitted into their likes ...

We were also well prepared with our cameras - some with fixed (prime) others with zoom lenses:

Canon 5D with 135mm
Canon 1D with 28-300 L Series IS USM
Canon 40D with 24-105

I have taken photos for years & have had over 350 000 flickr deirdr hits which is good because many flickr photos are (according to statistics) never viewed by anyone except the person who has posted it.

From my Flickr account, I have had numerous requests to use my photos for various things from Wikipaedia Falasha of Ethiopia to requests from Getty for several licenced images for use commercially like this one of  Lilleshall Abbey, Shropshire  and most recently from St. Mary's church in Staffordshire to use my images of the church & it's angels for cards for church funds St. Mary's Stafford . I also took photos for the Bridport Hat Festival .bridporthatfest 2012-deirdre-snook

Photography is a passion & I am always really pleased when my photos are enjoyed by others too.

I hope you have enjoyed my first venture into wedding photography with me. Please leave a comment & a link so I can return the visit.

Dee ~♥~


  1. I love them and you are a very good photographer, dear Cuz x x x x

  2. Beautiful and meaningful photo'sXXK


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