Monday, 7 October 2013

Market browsing

I love my county of Shropshire - it is a stunning combination of farmlands, space & pretty traditional towns, as well as being well connected to motorways.

Today, I headed to South Shropshire to visit with friends. Early morning rain did not deter us plans .....

Traditional market time & a visit to my friend, the tipsy tart fabulous flavoured vodka's stall. Don't you just love her wonderful wares & tempting display?  

How fabulous are these? Perfectly tempting colours & flavours ...

Cinnamon & Rye Bakery cinnamonandryebakery had this fabulous stall ....

I naturally had my camera with to just enjoy photographing the lovely goodies ...

These truly were as delicious as they look .... 

Some of the vibrant flowers on the stalls ...

Autumn colours appearing everywhere ....

Then off to enjoy some coffee & cakes in town ....

Perfect catch up time - I really love browsing proper markets, sampling the goods & enjoying the effort & pride that stall holders put into their stalls.

Thanks for stopping by. Do you seek out interesting markets? What are your best browsing places?

Dee ~♥~


  1. Hi Dee - I love this post - Your pictures are wonderful of Ludlow and the colour of the trees is just stunning. The food and cake all looks so yummy and my vodka liqueurs looks fabulous.
    Thank you.
    The Tipsy Tart.

    1. It was lovely to visit again & to see your beautiful stall - always so good!

  2. It was a truly lovely day even stopped raining! The photo's are great! X Kathy

    1. Thanks for a fabulous lunch again my friend - always good to relax & catch up xx


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