Sunday, 8 December 2013

The girls are catered for ....

Us girls (well ladies I suppose) don't all live close & work & family commitments keep us apart so when we can, we seize the moment to catch up.

Our Tipsy Tart food friend was doing markets locally so overnighted with us & she spoilt us rotten by arranging for another local foodie to do the catering too.

The food was made by the Artisans of Shropshire who used to run a very successful restaurant & now run it as a deli & small wine tasting / event place & share some local markets with the Tipsy Tart.

I was not privy to the menu so I tentatively set the table but was not sure what flatware / cutlery to set until the food arrived - very exciting to be spoilt in this way!

Girlie supper meant we could indulge in pink dinner ware

I love mixing things up - this was several different sets that go well together

and Spode Chelsea Wicker for dessert & biscuits afterwards

Our fabulous supper surprise was:


Main with a vegetarian option


We had a very relaxed evening as no cooking was involved; we could settle back, chat, drink fabulous vodka inspired Tipsy Tart cocktails & enjoy each others company.

What a wonderful way to catch up - thanks Tipsy Tart & girlies for a lovely evening.

Head over to my a wondering star to see more photos of our night.

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone is getting prepared for the festive season,
Dee ~♥~


  1. Hi Dee. Your wonderful photos make all the amazing food and evening we had even more special

    Love The Tipsy Tart

    1. Thanks for spoiling us Tipsy Tart - it was a lovely evening xx

  2. What a truly magical evening it was....spending much overdue time together and being spoiled with not only the wonderful table setting, but the fabulously yummy food on again for making it happen xx

  3. Lovely to see the girlies again Liane - 'twas a very good evening with lots of 'Tipsy Tart' vodka cocktails & fabulous food & company - perfect! xx

  4. Wonderful! A perfect evening. Congratulations!!!


    1. Thanks Marina - it was perfect for me - someone else cooking so I am free to set tables which I love ....


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