Friday, 12 June 2015

A family chair is transformed

Hi all
Do you have a list of projects that you  are working on? I always seem to have a list of sorts that need doing or changing?

Hubby was recently gifted his Dad's Dorset captains chair which had been a favourite of his late Dad. We all have such things which come from a family home, & while having sentimental value, they don't necessarily fit in with what we already have.

Knowing that hubby is fond of the chair, we decided to have it recovered for him as the padding / support was past its best & to be frank - orange velour is not a favourite colour.

We choose a local upholsterer to do the work & hubby duly thumbed through lots of fabric books before choosing the fabric for his chair.

The upholsterer repadded the seat, fixed the supports & polished the wood again. I was away visiting family so he posted a before & after for me on Facebook

This is the finished chair still at the upholsters but looking so very smart

It now fits in with our home & it looks good & is once again very comfortable too.

I am very happy with the chair & have to say - hubby's choice of fabric was very good - classic, classy & timeless. I just know that the chair will be used & enjoyed for years to come.

How have you incorporated family items in to your home?  Please share your stories …
Dee ~♥~

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