Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summer Solstice is here again …

Time marches on & the Summer Solstice is almost upon us again.

I love the rhythm of the seasons, watching how things change & develop in my environment. It gives a timelessness to life.  The Summer Solstice marks the midpoint & the date varies between the 20-22 June - this year it falls on the 21st.

On this day, the sun is always visible for longer in the sky as it tracks from north of east to north of west across our skies - our longest day of the year!  Today has been rather wet & sunless so hopefully that will clear for the solstice day …

It was suggested by a student that it is a good idea to make a green flower wreath from the garden - that sounds like fun & I might very well do it …

It is a good time to light the chimnea in the garden,  burn some candles in lanterns & just enjoy the primitive connection we have to fire. I like to add herbs from the garden to the fire to fragrance the air.

I have a personal tradition of writing a wish or regret I want to banish on a paper then burning it in the fire  - I think that will be done again.

I also like to celebrate by eating wholesome,  natural food outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by the  green garden with birds hopping about - fruit kebabs are a wonderful way to celebrate food.

This is one of my daughters A wondering Star's fruit drinks - that is what is needed!

Tonight we had a beautiful sunset , I hope our Solstice sunrise will be as lovely.

Do you observe the changing seasons? Will you be looking forward to the longer days that await us (for a while only)?

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  1. Thank you, dear One. Winter solstice here, today. Son in law and grandson went in the ocean for a mid winter dip !!!! Brrrr x x x enjoy what's left of 68ur summer x x x

    1. Happy WInter solstice to you & yours - things brighten up for you & you know that mid winter has passed … A dip in the sea is v-e-r-y brave in winter brrrrr xx

  2. Have a wonderul summer - oh I love your make a wish tradition! Should try it too!
    Happy days

    1. Hi Elisabeth - thank you - have a fab summer too ….


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