Sunday, 14 June 2015

Oiling the garden furniture

Some Summer jobs need warm bright sunshine to complete them & that has been in short supply this year so far.

Our wooden garden furniture stays outdoors over Winter & when I washed it down I thought - this is looking shabby so I duly bought some outdoor furniture oil for it.  As much as I love painted furniture, I rather like the rich colour of the garden furniture so have resisted changing it.

All but one slat done on the first bench. I like the rich colour of the tinted oil.

Working in the sunshine on our patio - two benches, a stray chair & the long IKEA garden table that has been in our conservatory until we acquired a mahogany set from an aged relative ….

The furniture looks much brighter now. It still needs turning over & the undersides need oiling but that will have to wait for another sunny hot day ….

All that is needed now are for the parasols & some bright cushions to come out so the warmer weather can be enjoyed!

Which jobs are on your 'getting ready for Summer' list? Do you favour traditional garden furniture? Tell all ….

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  1. Great! I love work outdoors in this season

    Marina from

    hugs from Spain

    1. I do too Marina - we just don't have your lovely Spanish weather so we make the most of every ray of sunshine. Thanks for stopping by again, I always love to visit your blog!

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