Sunday, 7 June 2015

Missionaries of Charity, Calcutta

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I could not visit Calcutta without going to visit one of the most famous places there - The Missionaries of Charity centre which was where Mother Teresa lived, worked & spent her final days.

We arrived on a morning when an elderly Nun had passed away so the Nuns were all gathering for prayers & worship at the centre & intonations drifted around the courtyard as the iconic figures in their white & blue trimmed habits passed quietly.

The Centre has a Shrine to Mother Teresa

The instantly recognisable habit of the Nuns here …

Mother Teresa's tomb at the home with fresh marigold flowers put on each day

Silent prayer …

A spiritual place where prayer, silence & observance is the order of the day …

Mother Teresa's final resting place …

Like all others at the centre, Mother Teresa occupied a very humble & plain room (photos not permitted in the room)

The plain Calcutta building that is home to a very dedicated group of Nuns …

As many will remember from my introduction to my Indian Adventure, my sister in law, Ms M, was born & grew up in India & her mother actually volunteered at the Missionaries of Charity centre in the 1950's because expat women couldn't work independently but many volunteered & made a difference.

Marjorie was a nurse & I am sure her contribution was valuable at a time when poverty was rife in Calcutta & the work of the Nuns was pivotal to the helping poverty stricken beggars on the streets of the City.  A personal connection to a fascinating place that still continues its work in the vast city of Calcutta.

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