Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Summer Solstice day …

Hi all

I shared my ideas ahead of the Summer Solstice & thought I would show the reality …

I am an early riser & this was our sunrise around 4:30 am - clouds hovering on the horizon

I slipped in to the garden early to sip my tea & enjoy the birds & other wild life visiting - a dawn chorus from the neighbours rooftop ….

A blue tit choosing his breakfast from our selection

This regular visitor just likes the nuts ….

Our David Austin house rose is in full bloom …

Good weather so I opened the garden summer house

I love this space & look forward to using it more with the warmer weather …

Lots of jobs to do first …

I had an idea to do a wreath or garland to celebrate growing things so I took my secateurs & went in search of some garden greens. Green willow branches are useful for the frame shape with various bits ready to add to it …

The fresh garden tribute with rosemary finishing it off on the bottom. Lots of scents fill the air ...

Then mindful of my pledges to make this a healthy eating day - my late lunch was a favourite of thin steak, dry pan fried with just herbs, some steamed vegetables,  beetroot & an avocado that needed eating up before it was too soft. (407 Kcal if you are counting …. )

A jug of lemon & lime sparkling water ready then time to light a lantern (too windy for a candle today) and just enjoy eating outdoors.

Even the simplest food just tastes better outdoors ….

More things to catch up on & sticking with my fruit pledge, I opted for sliced melon - perfectly refreshing while browsing a vintage 1881 book.

I always manage to find interesting snippets in that old book

The gorgeous vintage covers & a feather from the lawn used as a bookmark …

A stray daffodil in the ceramic pots on the table … very pretty

A lovely l-o-n-g day spent mainly outdoors in my garden - celebrating the changing season.

The sun is setting on this Summer Solstice - I hope yours has been good too.

Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~


  1. Realy wonderful moments there. I hope you enjoy your Summer


  2. Realy wonderful moments there. I hope you enjoy your Summer


  3. What a lovely part of the world you live in Dee. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos and I love your summer house; just the place for a peaceful read of a good book and a nice cuppa! Vicky xx


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